CBD - 100% Legal

There is one important fact you need to understand about CBD:


Unlike marijuana, CBD is 100% legal everywhere in the world and it is completely safe and is non-addictive. CBD offers many of the same benefits of marijuana without the high, which comes from the THC, the other prominent compound found in marijuana.

Even better, there are no scientific studies to date showing any negative side effects of consuming cannabidiol regularly. CBD has actually been extensively studied and proven to have only positive effects. This is part of why taking it is so appealing. 

HempNotics - Product Line

HempNotics Cream


100% ORGANIC HEMP CREME: Hemp relief cream is the best way to help for pain in neck, knee, hip, aloe vera gel pure shoulder products, joints and foot, inflammation & arthritis pain, soreness, and injuries.

HempNotics Tonic


Basics Tonic is ideal for those wishing to achieve daily wellness. Basics hemp-based Tonic helps you to reduce tension, brighten your outlook, and support overall wellbeing. Our CBD Tonic features 99.9% pure CBD crystalline isolate that is third-party lab tested for both quality and purity.

Tincture Oil

Tincture Oil.png

Our Tincture products include components that support wellness and balance, including phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, which can supplement your lifestyle and are safe for day-to-day consumption.



HEALTHY & TASTE GREAT - RELIEF AND NO STRESS - The best way to cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed is to take the edge off and enjoy some of the benefits that Hemp Gummies have to offer. They help with Mood support, reduced stress and anxiety, strong immunity and better sleep - just some of the benefits!

HempNotics Soft Gel Capsules

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CBD OIL Softgels are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take your daily CBD. For people who for those who want a fast-acting form of CBD oil, softgels represent a compelling solution. CBD oil softgels are easy to take and release quickly, allowing the CBD to work rapidly.

Wholesale - Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil.png

Wholesale: HempNotics process and refines Hemp crude oil it into highly purified concentrate oil using a Ethanol extraction and short path distillation process with 3.5% yields of biomass. Our Hemp oil is full-spectrum oil from the Cannabis sativa plant or hemp seed oil, which we manufacture for resale.


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